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While I was riding around the trial area at the bikes do at Mallory in on my panther I was accosted by a random stranger. My Panther trial bike He wandered over and said I have been looking for you. To which I replied why? He then went on to tell me that he had rescued a pre war panther frame and forks out of a skip about 20 years ago and he had finally realised that he would never get round to doing anything with it. So he said I could have it. To which I replied ok and then asked how much.

Vehicle registration

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For sale: cc Ariel LH Colt. Suffolk classic bike dealer Andy Tiernan is offering for sale this half-forgotten Ariel; a rare-ish bike that, in its day, provided its owner with years and miles of relatively trouble-free commuting and even touring. This example, we understand, was first registered in the UK on the 4th of January

To take part in a gloriously dotty slow-speed race around the Isle of Man TT course in May, in which the challenge is to complete the To put that into perspective, during last year’s TT races John McGuinness hurled a 1, cc Honda around the lap in 17min I’m not sure whether the Peugeot will even manage I had put off this trip from the gale-stricken weekend in the middle of February.

Not many P53s were built after the start of hostilities. Yet despite their three-speed hand-change transmissions and price of 3, Francs, they were far from exotic compared with twin-cylinder pre-war Peugeots — think of them as vin ordinaire for workers and postmen. Most of them were requisitioned, a few ended up in the hands of the French resistance Maquis. I like to think my latest acquisition has a story or two to tell.

My model is a CL, complete with three speeds, a rated phare headlamp and twin exhausts, though they don’t match. The engine is simplicity itself, with a deflector piston and a simple, gravity-fed carburettor.

1925 Raleigh 2 – Denbighshire Wales

Advertise publishing date exceeded 30 days. If would like contact to seller, click here. It is an older restoration, a former Concours d’Elgance winner, and is still in good condition and polishes up beautifully. The engine is sound mechanically, very reliable and has been used fairly regularly over the years in various events. It features an external flywheel, a mechanical oil pump, with chain drive to the Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearbox.

July Classic Bike News. Cheltenham Festival of Bikes reminder Velocette Thruxton barn find record Bennetts’ EU insurance outlook Ducati Icon Scrambler & Sixty2 offer.

Also competed in Comes with two engines, both salt flats veterans. Spare Race Engine with spare crankcase. Ready for next time out. Actual record breaking Race engine just Rebuilt, race ready, see pictures below. Bespoke twin carb Flowed Iron Head with special inlets. Ready to bolt straight on depending on venue requirements. Running – the sound is a joy to behold! More pictures to follow. From my private collection, now retired, may px something I can use on the road, vintage or classic car.

Overseas shipping can be arranged.

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All correspondence to the secretary at the registered office Registered office: Stonewold, Berrick Salome, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. FBHVC is a company limited by guarantee, registered number , and was founded in

The website receives a number of enquiries from those seeking to acquire a Sunbeam motorcycle. This section of the site provides links to a number of the known commercial sellers.

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Sunday 22nd April lowdrag said: Once again the people who have had their heads buried in the sand for nine months come back to life and find there is “something new” to query. This has been discussed ad nauseam, and I refute the inference that this will lead to considerable amount of unsafe cars. Up to now all pre cars are MOT exempt.

Section Technical Library Currently the format for this section has not been formalised though it proposed to include specifications, plus useful information concerning maintenance and repairs etc.

Certificate of Authenticity Suitable for framing and display, typically with matching numbers Details frame, engine, gearbox and registration numbers and Manufacturer’s Specifications. Advice is therefore being reviewed and will be updated soon. Meanwhile the most up to date advice can be obtained from the DVLA website and documents at www. This document sets out the new procedures for services previously provided by Local Offices in respect of the registration and licensing of historic vehicles.

This information covers changes in procedures for: The verification of documents for V applications Obtaining a tax disc following a V application The verification of documents for V applications Currently at Local Offices, customers can have original documents such as old log books, copied and verified and submit these verified copies with their V application.

As a result of centralisation, DVLA has carefully considered the impacts of posting original valuable and historical documents to Swansea for processing. The copies must be annotated “authenticated copy” and be stamped, signed and dated by the V club signatory preferably on the front of the document taking care not to obscure any vehicle details.

1930 Triumph NSD 550cc with Gloria single seat sidecar loads of history

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It is held by the Sunbeam club , whose member in fact are not all Sunbeam owners, but riders of many different types of bikes. However some reproduction frames and possibly repro motors have been spotted at recent runs. If you are in the market to purchase an eligible machine, you would be well served to ask around for details to find if the bike will be awarded a dating certificate from the club. Without it, the bike will still be loads of fun days a year, but that bit of paper is required for this one ride each March.

If you can arrange to be in London on the date, you should attend with a bike or without. Many notable heroes from our hobby attend, the top shelf restorers, the magazine publishers and authors, suppliers of specialty bits and the owners of shops and salesrooms, pro and armature photographers, possibly even an emcee from some of the motorbike auction houses or a rock star. Bikes are released in groups of 3 each minute or so, to prevent clogging the roads with over bikes of medium, slow and really slow speeds.

Dressed warm, with the Quadrant single speed and the c Fafnir automatic inlet. Riding the early bikes is a fun challenge, with the fun increased by riding on the wrong side of the road, in the cold with all the various fiddly bits of the bike needing attention. There were not too many stop signs to blow off, as they use a lot of roundabouts in England, and the marshals do a good job of pointing the riders in the right direction.

Used 1966 Triumph T20 Triumph Tiger Cub – Devon England

Subject Message Before you submit your details you must check this box which confirms you agree to submitting your personal data to Motorbike Registrations. To comply with GDPR we confirm that your details are stored securely by us and will not be used or sold to any third party organisation. You can request a copy of the information we hold about you at any time by contacting us. We may collect information about you for 2 reasons: We will not e-mail you in the future unless you have given us your consent.

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As such, making certain a certificate is correct is critical. The exact process will vary from state to state, but the following information can help you decide the best way to get started—depending on your exact reason for seeking these changes. This is often done if the parents have second thoughts on naming the child or they find there is an issue with the parentage.

Changing a Name for Older Child or Adult — As this would typically coincide with a legal change of name, this issue may require a court order.

I have a plan I think we as owners and enthusiasts of old motorcycles need to take time to think what will happen to our bikes when we’re long gone. I mean, is your family interested in the smelly, oily noisy old bike that you’ve lavished so much care and time on over the years? Or when you head off to the bikers’ pub in the sky, will some dodgy scrap metal dealer knock on what used to be your front door and offer your family a ridiculously insulting sum of pennies to ‘take it off their hands’?

More than likely, as I’ve heard numerous stories of this happening up and down the country. So my plan is two-fold. We need to make other people, outside of ‘our world’ aware that our bikes exist – a little bit of British engineering that’s survived anything up to a hundred years, and the main group we need to raise this awareness with is youngsters. Look at the stats for classic and vintage bikes and ok, so you can argue, the older the rider the safer they are in general, but you can’t get into quite so much trouble riding a Tiger Cub or a Triumph SD as you can with a cc plastic rocket, but you can have a good helping of fun nonetheless.

Life, is all about goals and achievements, at least that’s what they tell you at school and in work, so why not achieve the goal of riding a bike that you’ve restored or that you keep on the road using your skills to ride the length of Scotland, or the coast to coast or whatever route you choose? So, I have a plan.

23rd Annual Las Vegas Antique Motorcycle Auction

Services to Members More about what we do for members. The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives. If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate then you need this service. Back in , the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations.

Actually, says Stu Thomson, it’s quite straightforward. Here’s his handy guide The final part of rebuilding my little 98cc Gilera was to register the vehicle in the UK as it was an import from Italy. It was purchased without any paperwork to enable the year of manufacture to be determined. This would give me some proof of the manufacturing date for the NOVA paperwork.

When filling the NOVA form you will find that a great deal of it does not apply to old vehicles. A word of caution: On the confirmation letter from HMRC you will see it references only the frame number.

1911 Douglas starting Imai-Auto motorcycle flat tank

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