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Originally Posted by dirtinla I understand how to wire up the 3 wire alternator. The number 1 wire goes to a resistor or dash light and is suppose to glow when not charging. That wire goes to a dash light. The Dash light has 2 terminals one for neg and one for positive. This is my question: When I plug it into the light I need to know if the other connector goes to ground or hot pos. It will have two wires coming from it. It does not make any difference which wire connects to the 1 wire coming from the alternator. The other wire from the socket connects to the ignition terminal on the ignition switch. When you turn on the ignition switch, current flows thru the bulb to the alternator internally grounded and will light up the bulb.


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The move could support its grocery business and give the giant greater control over its supply chain. Where is this data coming from? Start your free trial today Email Where is this data coming from? Today, we picked up on a signal that Walmart is looking to manage more of its supply chain at the source. The retail giant applied for a series of 6 patents targeting farm automation. The applications propose using drones to identify pests attacking crops, monitor crop damage, spray pesticides, and pollinate crops.

Email Why does this matter? To compete against Amazon, Walmart has been busy building up its grocery business. Last year, Walmart started offering same-day grocery delivery in certain areas. Amidst all this competition, we also know brands and shoppers are moving toward more natural food products and transparent labeling. Drones could spray pesticides across a more targeted set of crops, rather than the blanket approach used today.

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Trophy hunting is something you have to be dedicated about. This is why using the Bushnell 20Mp trail camera will improve your results. The 20MP camera takes crisp and clear pictures, and the trigger takes only 0. The nighttime camera feed is very accurate, and it will provide low glow images.

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Missing hits or losing fish? Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters tournament trail fishermen make sure they have the best tools for the job. Having the right hook, getting the maximum number of hits, having a good bite-to-hookup ratio and landing a hooked fish are all critical elements. Without them everything else really doesn’t mean much. A hook is a hook, right? There are so many different fishing situations along with different hook styles, colors and sizes to consider.

However, in the crappie fishing world, the Aberdeen style hook has always dominated. It’s long shank, large bend and light wire makes it a great choice for crappie. The light wire allows it to be bent without breaking your line most of the time.

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Some dont want any, some dont mind small ones as long as theyre filled before you go, and some dont even care if you fill them. Whatever your limitations, command hooks can help. I believe that hanging window treatments, bringing in nice lighting and putting art on the walls are three of the most important things you can do to make your house feel more like a home. But for today were just going to address the window treatments. How do you hang curtains without nails, screws or at the very least thumbtacks?

Given the title of this post, I think you know the answer.

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But adding a regular shower to an existing tub enclosure is a major undertaking. One easy solution is to install a special tub diverter spout that allows you to hook up a handheld shower to a bathtub faucet with only a minor plumbing change. Once the spout is in place, you can choose from a wide variety of handheld showers, put up a shower curtain and enjoy the relaxing spray. Look for a slot or hole in the bottom of the spout that gives access to a set-screw.

Remove the set-screw using an Allen wrench or screwdriver, then pull the spout off the wall pipe. Alternatively, remove a threaded spout by wrapping a soft cloth around the end and grasping the spout with a pair of adjustable pliers.

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Arriving at the cottage we unloaded, got squared away, and passed out. Morning came much too early — especially since my body said it was still the middle of the night. We walked out the truck and noticed with great joy the trailer on the back contained an Argo Cat.

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Share on Facebook Walmart Photo Centers feature self-service kiosks that allow customers to conveniently print digital photos at their own pace. Using these kiosks, you can upload photos from your memory card. You can also edit photographs and create collages, photo books, and other items using the kiosk. Photo Centers are located in most Walmart stores. Digital photo services are also available on Walmart’s website, which allows you to upload and edit your digital images using your computer.

Customers can print photos in-store or online using Walmart’s Photo Center service.

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Designed for anglers looking for an affordable, easy-to-use fishfinder, chartplotter or combo unit, HOOK models produce a complete view of fish location, underwater structure, bottom composition and depth on a high-resolution LED-backlit color screen. HOOK models offer a wide selection of screen sizes and features.

Simplified to Fit Your Fishing Lifestyle Featuring a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, HOOK models seamlessly switch between different page configurations and sonar frequencies. Dedicated quick keys allow zoom options up to four times the standard view to focus in on key fishing areas.

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Daisy Wanda Garcia, daughter of Dr. Garcia is preparing an article for the April issue of Somos Primos, high-lighting the emotional event. Wanda, Henry Cisnero, and Dr. Tony played the altar boy. Herb Canales, Wanda and Dr. Luis Trujillo of Dever Editor Mimi: Our youth need to know that there are more “Spare Parts” genius among them, and we do too!

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The Primo Water Dispenser dispenses cold and hot water instantly. We live among peach orchards, walnut orchards, and rice fields to name the type of farmlands surrounding our modest home. I absolutely love it. But, country living comes with some challenges.

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GetItOn There are lots of reasons to seek out a hookup rather than a serious relationship: Maybe you just got out of a long-term thing and you’re looking for some casual flings to take your mind off things. Maybe you’re so busy between work, hobbies and your social life that you simply don’t have time to be an attentive, caring partner. Maybe you’re one of those people who’s realized that monogamy isn’t for them, and rather than seeking out a lifelong, committed companion for all of your years, you’d rather live in the moment and experience a series of finite, passionate affairs — or maybe you just want casual sex for casual times.

Welcome to the vast — and growing! These sexy and sometimes X-rated sites and apps have a different tone and approach from traditional dating services by bringing together open-minded types who are specifically interested in no-strings-attached relationships. You don’t have to link your Instagram account, for example, or make yourself discoverable to mutual friends. Depending on your level of curiosity, you might explore what turns you on by talking about it online, or in person, with others who are similarly curious.

Aren’t dating apps enough, though?

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Post a Comment The brave Walmart workers who belong to OUR Walmart say fear is the main thing stopping their fellow retail workers from organizing. When I was hired four years ago, new assistant managers had to complete eight weeks of training. I thought we would get a crash course in Walmart history and then get into learning the computer systems, the policies, how to schedule people.

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Linton Weeks In virtually every county, there is a Walmart open every hour of every day, and every one of those Walmarts is being visited by 37, people a week — that’s people an hour, in every Walmart, every hour of the day. Here, a Walmart worker pulls carts at a store in Pittsburg, Calif. A customer was nabbed by police for sampling raw meat at a Walmart in Pennsylvania. A woman said she had an encounter with a bat at a Walmart in Minnesota.

A family of five was living in a car at a Walmart in Florida. A girl had a run-in with a monkey at a Walmart in Missouri. A man was caught in flagrante delicto at a Walmart in Louisiana. And that is just in the past few weeks. Files from the front lines flow in daily — some serious, some sad, some just plain silly. But all point to the notion that perhaps Walmart has become a major magnet for American mayhem.

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