Charles Jeffries and His Sons: He used the hardest steel there was, very solid. The Man and His Family. Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W. Today, the instruments made by Charles Jeffries command some of the greatest interest and highest prices of any vintage concertinas. Serial numbers would be most valuable for approximating the date of manufacture of the individual instruments and for estimating the total production of Jeffries concertinas. Numbers abound inside the Jeffries concertinas. However, these consist of one, two, or three digits that are either handwritten pencil or ink or stamped on the reed pan, underside of the action board, or upper inside edge of the bellows or that are etched into the underside of the metal fretwork see Appendix 1.

Concertina: Wikis

For your own information I have based my comments on personal preference and comparison to other concertinas I own and play. Things I really liked: This is the lightest concertina I have ever played which really suits my current playing situation very well. Button travel is short with a nice feel and consistent across all notes. Action is very quiet with minimal pad noise.

Hand rest height is ideal for my hand size.

Carroll Concertinas is the name of our product while the legal name of the business is Sligo Road Productions. Thanks, Wally Carroll [email protected]

With the life span of one voyage, and how hard a concertina is to play vs an button box, who would take the expensive box to sea? In the dearly beloved magazine Concertina and Squeezebox Joel did a lot of research, admittedly in the days before Google, and was able to find only one concertina documented to have gone to sea. Joel made the suggestion that Disney animators created the idea of concertinas being sea going instruments. If you think about it, the concertina is an easier object to draw than a button box, there for less time and ink per frame, so it makes some sense.

The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone close to the above mentioned date. Story I read was he was trying to come up with an easy to play parlor instrument, as opposed to the violin. His invention, the English Concertina, was made in the same tonal ranges as the violin, four sizes ending in a monstrous sized bass concertina, same relationship as the violin vs the bass. Usually the cheapest instruments had brass reeds, those are pretty rare to find today, the reeds had short life spans.

The better quality instruments all had steel, the best quality were hand cut and fit into the frames. Many of todays mid range concertinas are made with Italian accordion reeds, some of the better ones have been hand finished. As with all things, you get what you pay for. I take my Suttner to sea when it suits the occasion, most recently the Master Mariners Regatta where the Briar Rose was entertained for a portion of the reach to the finish.


Introducing the Holden Blackbird A few weeks ago I completed my second new concertina. For pragmatic reasons I chose to build an example of what is probably the most popular type of concertina sold today: Here is the specification of Holden No. All parts other than various screws made by myself in England from high quality materials, either by hand or on my little CNC milling machine everything visible on the outside of the instrument is hand made.

Traditional long-scale concertina reeds, with hand-filed spring steel tongues closely fitted under a microscope into brass frames.

Ordering Information About Photo Gallery Repair Resources Blog The following We have a Standard Configuration that we use on our instruments which is friendly to both Wheatstone/Lachenal and Jeffries players. Note substitutions can be made at a cost of $20 per change. Carroll Concertinas is the name of our product while the legal name.

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A wide variety of antique It still has the same price in a slightly later pricelist Calculate Modern Values of Historic Concertina Pricelists This is a unique collection of nearly 40 price lists for vintage concertina. These price lists have been collected by Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas over the

The New Gresham Encyclopedia. A to Amide by Various

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The Jeffries papers are printed with a Gold Ink to completely capture the fullest detail of the complex geometric, almost ‘art deco’ pattern. The range of papers has been selected to furnish replacement bellows or restored bellows on premium concertinas, providing the restorer or owner with access to artwork long lost and lovingly re-created.

Message concertina eBay Find great deals on eBay for concertina and People B — U. Concertina Association People B. Find used Concertina for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others. This concertina has the standard 46 button Hayden Similar products also available. I will post pictures tonight as soon as I can get them, along with any This in the ideal starter concertina for beginners. The name was given to it by a teacher who Concertina Clutch Purse – SageBrown of … Sage Brown’s collection of leather gifts can be personalised with embossing or engraving onto some metal components.

Embossing embellishes the leather by indenting Paul Smith Men’s Chocolate Brown … Men’s chocolate brown ‘Concertina’ document pouch featuring contrasting black, petrol, navy, brown, burnt orange and ochre pleats at the side, giving a striped effect. Shop the latest collection of concertina bag from the most popular stores – all in one place.

Premium Bellows papers by David Elliott

I recently fully-restored a button Lachenal Anglo. It was in pretty poor condition when I received it. The wooden ends were non-original, damaged, and not very well made. The bellows may have been original, but they were worn-out and patched. There was significant damage to the woodwork, including a couple of split reed chamber walls.

Wheatstone/Lachenal and Jeffries Standard Layouts Colour-Coded By (R epeated) Notes Your button Anglo concertina’s layout of notes/buttons almost certainly corresponds to one of the charts.

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Anglo concertina

Everyone was very helpful and let me try instruments of various types before I settled on an English. I got a very cheap Wheatstone tutor model in mediocre condition and learned my basic scales and chords. When I visited Chris Algar, he was happy for me to try a wide range of instruments before I settled on a Wheatstone English, which I have now had for donkey’s years.

The “” stamping on key Anglo concertina by “C. Jeffries, Maker” What follows is a small sampling of stamped, etched, and handwritten numbers inside Jeffries concertinas. Some numbers pertain to the number of keys of instruments.

Over paper original papers Fit the standard Concertina Spares range of new bellows and bellows kits Maintain and retain the contemporaneous feel of the instrument The base range of the papers is suitable for English treble and Anglo concertinas In addition there are A4 sheets of gold dot and cross pattern on white. These sheets can be laid out for treble, baritone or bass concertinas as required. The papers, with the exception of the Jeffries, are produced using true gold foil to regain the lustre and character of the original papers of the Victorian era..

The range of papers has been selected to furnish replacement bellows or restored bellows on premium concertinas, providing the restorer or owner with access to artwork long lost and lovingly re-created. Many top class instruments have ended up with plain dot and cross or all black bellows when they should have been resplendent in the delicate Lachenal L or one of the Wheatstone daisy pattern variants.

There are four variants, two on white stock, gold on white and white on a gold foiled background. Then two on a sealed black stock, gold on black and black on gold foiled background.

C. Jeffries, Maker

I guess you didn’t start a thread for it to be “liked” but to initiate some exchange of views on a subject. The title however may invite to sales promotion ‘in disguise’ as I said before and this risks making comments questionable if positive as being possible advertisement for a particular maker – or in reverse if negative as mistreatment of business etiquette. I know this may seem unavoidable in the ‘free world of internet’ but it may still be worth considering. It is different when speaking of makers out of business but my objection there was that we all have so little ‘reference material’ that individual opinions may risk distributing rumour more than fact.

According to reports I have got there has been very little difference in delivered “reed steel qualities” at least for a years but certainly some differences occur.

Great Gramps played this. Find this Pin and more on Concertinas by Celtic Music Instruments. Concertina Page – Celtic Music Instruments The concertina, also known as the squeeze box or button box, is a free-reed Celtic musical instrument, a lot like the harmonica and some other accordions.

Marc Arthur Jeffries opencouncildata. Scope and Contents note. This collection is a compilation of en. Jeffries Sanchez Joseph Jenkins, Jr. Alan Keith Jensen Prem N. Nutrient dynamics, transfer and retention along the aquatic continuum from land no-miedo. A philanthropist, idealist, humanist, architect by training and famous https:

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