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Support » Plugin: "Visit Site" Link enhanced - WordPress PlugIn
“Visit Site” Link enhanced – WordPress PlugIn
This plugin adds a target attribute to the “Visit Site” link and optionally ads a second link.
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The Wordpress PlugIn "Visit Site" Link Enhanced is a dead simple WP plugin which allows :
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This plugin adds a target attribute to the "Visit Site" link and optionally ads a…
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This Plugin used for front side post and pages counter. After activation of the plugin, You need to check checkbox from plugins setting. It will add page counter on the bottom of all pages. So, that all visitors can see page counts for entire site pages. The plugin provides search by page title and search by page published date facilities. Settings are required for page counter. The plugin provides to select specific post type to include in post /pages counter. The plugin also provides to exclude specific IP/s and specific register user to exude from post/pages counter.
"Visit Site" Link enhanced – WordPress PlugIn
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Attention: This version includes some modifications in multi-column layout, which can break existing shortcodes! So if you already use the multi-column feature for categories and/or links please check the output of your link page after the update. If the layout is broken you can find help in the admin page: Links -> About LinkView.
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There are many more WordPress link plugins I didn’t include. Some of them are active, while others are either officially deprecated or haven’t been updated in years. While some of the plugins that haven’t been updated for two or more years might still be working, I wouldn’t recommend using them on a live site. If you are eager to try them, do it on a test site. If there are no conflicts, then you might install them on a live site, too, but in my opinion running an unmaintained plugin is too much of a risk.
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Enable Two-Factor Authentication using time-based one-time passwords (OTP, Google Authenticator), Universal 2nd Factor (FIDO U2F,…