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Бесплатный плагин Pretty Link lite для маскировки или редиректа партнерских ссылок
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I use Pretty Links more than any other plugin for my podcast and website. I bought Pretty Links simply because it made creating links for my pages and posts faster, but I’ve since discovered a ton of other value that continues to increase with each update. Whether it’s trackable affiliate links, memorable and speakable URLs for my podcasts, or automated keyword-hyperlinking, Pretty Links both saves me a great deal of time and helps me earn more money from my blog and podcast!
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Использовать сервисы сторонних разработчиков или же создавать собственное программное обеспечение для перенаправлений – оба способа имеют несколько серьезных недостатков. Сервисы коротких ссылок могут быть привлекательным в некоторых отношениях, но они же могут навредить вашему авторитету среди пользователей и в конце концов у вас нет гарантии, что вы всегда будете иметь доступ к вашим ссылкам. Создание собственного решения может занять некоторое время (даже если у вас есть технические навыки), им может быть трудно управлять и, как правило, очень трудно за ним следить.
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Pretty Link Plugin: Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress
Cloaking your affiliate links is a very important think to consider especially if you are an affiliate marketer. The importance of hiding or cloaking your affiliate links is:  Your affiliate links will look pretty and short instead of being long and full of slashes and questions marks. You can also customize your affiliate links as you like using your own d domain name so you don’t need to worry about any change in the affiliate link in the future as you can simply go to your WordPress admin panel and change the affiliate link with the new affiliate link instead of changing it in every post or page you have embedded your affiliate link in.
Affiliate Links is a WordPress plugin for creating and shortening any internal or external links. This plugin will be useful for masking partner links to affiliate websites. You can also use it for shortening long URLs to simple pretty links such as ‘mysite.com/go/link’.
Pretty Links enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (as opposed to using tinyurl.com, bit.ly, or any other link shrinking service)! In addition to creating clean links, Pretty Links tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. Pretty Links is a killer plugin for people who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.