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10 WordPress Donation Plugins for Charity, Relief, and Support
Very nice write-up and we reasoned. I do have one issue regarding Give. You stated “In fact, most non-profits and charities will be fine using the default donation form without any add-ons.”, which really isn’t true. Using Give as a freemium software limits you to standard Paypal only as a payment method. You have to buy plugins or bundles to use any of the other payment gateways, making sticking with the free version only for the smallest nonprofits. If you fall into that category, some of the other choices are much easier to implement and you probably don’t need many of the features. That said, the pricing isn’t bad and they are by far and away the most robust of the donation software.
How to Accept Donations with WordPress – Best Donation Plugins
Thanks for the response, Devesh. I actually ponied up the $15 to try this one out, despite my misgivings about lack of support/updates as evidenced by the replies in the forum. However, I found that it requires a value for MD5 Hash – which my other (working) Authorize.net plugin will not support – so it’s back to square one. I also tried WP Donate which just came out – however it’s not working at all (won’t store the Login/Transaction Key) and I have yet to hear back from the developer
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Donate by BestWebSoft
Некоторые из этих переводов неполные. Мы постоянно добавляем новые функции, которые требуют перевода. Если вы хотите создать перевод на свой язык или обновить уже существующий, вы можете отправить текст перевода в PO и MO файлах в поддержку BestWebSoft, и мы обязательно добавим его в наш плагин. Вы также можете скачать последнюю версию программы для работы с PO и MO файлами Poedit.
FundPress – WordPress Donation Plugin
Excerpt, Cover image, and a great design We not only care about how your system works technically, but also about how your website looks, perform and persuade people. That’s why the plugin’s UI is carefully designed with many elements that will make people stay on your website like Excerpts, Cover images… Your success motivates us.
Donorbox – Free Recurring Donation Form
“We needed a straightforward solution to handle donations on our website and have them sync across to Salesforce. Enter Donorbox – a simple, easy to use and customisable donation solution with Salesforce integration. Set up was as simple as creating an account (and donation campaign), adding a plugin to our WordPress site and configuring the connection to Salesforce. Donorbox handles the rest. Support is always prompt to respond and provide helpful answers to our questions and queries. If you’re after a donation system for your website then we’d recommend you give Donorbox a go.” Peter Sillar Logosdor
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Woo Donations
Donation can be shown as a product on cart and checkout page, if end user wants to change their donation amount then they can re-enter donation amount on cart or checkout page to donate.
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A fully customisable fundraising thermometer with PayPal integration, custom skins and support for multiple vertical…
PayPal Donation Buttons
This easy to use PayPal Donation Button allows you to place a PayPal donation button within your WordPress theme. Choose between 9 standard PayPal donation buttons or use your own custom button. Also PayPal Donation button, Donation Goal and Donation List history used in Page, Post and Widget with a shortcode.
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Принимаем пожертвования в WordPress: плагины для сбора средств
С недавнего времени PayPal работает с рублями, потому вполне можно собирать на него пожертвования. Также, насколько я знаю, налаживаются механизмы сотрудничества с русскими банками, потому деньги можно будет выводить на карту или на свой счет в банке. Сам пользуюсь PayPal для оплаты различных цифровых иностранных товаров. К примеру, на BandCamp удобно оплачивать музыку и качать ее в разных форматах. Достаточно прикрепить свою карточку к кошельку и можно с нее оплачивать. Либо на свой счет кидать средства. В общем, сейчас процесс пользования PayPal определенно пошел вверх, ибо даже популярный скидочный сайт BigLion стал поддерживать PayPal. И, я думаю, в ближайшем будущем многие магазины станут поддерживать также и оплату через PayPal.
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Примите пожертвования и начните сбор средств с помощью Give, самого высокого-рейтингового плагина WordPress для пожертвований…
In order to process transactions in a secure manner, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate. This way consumers can purchase/donate with confidence. There are multiple plugins for then enforcing that SSL be used on your page, here’s one.
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Best solution for donations. For any charity and nonprofit website. Receive donations with PayPal integration…
6 of the Best Donation Plugins for WordPress
I’ve placed this one here for the cuteness factor. But my saying that does do Donation Thermometer a little disservice, as it’s a useful plugin in its own right. Donation Thermometer utilises a simple shortcode to display exactly what you’d expect from its name: a thermometer image that adjusts its ‘heat measurement’ to the donation amount raised. There’s some practical value to this: some people think that the presentation of a graphic that shows an explicit donation ‘goal’ will encourage visitors to donate, so take that for what you will!
Seamless Donations
For those updating from 3.3 to 4.0, go to your Plugins page and deactivate Seamless Donations. Then delete the plugin. Refresh your plugins page (this is very important, make sure to refresh). Now you can Add New and bring Seamless Donations 4.0 onto your site. If you are experiencing problems upgrading from v3 to v4, read this.
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Custom Post Donations
WordPress PayPal Plugin allows you to easily add PayPal integration to your WordPress website. Allows you to easily create various form types with Paypal checkout button that can be added to pages or posts. These forms can then be edited from the PayPal plugin admin console. The PayPal payment forms created by this plugin can be used for selling products or donations.